British Red Cross Society Herefordshire,Worcestershire, Shropshire

Also known as: British Red Cross Society

Contact Details

  • Address: Bradbury Court, Berkeley Business Park, Wainwright Road Worcester Worcestershire, WR4 9GY
  • Tel: 01432 373021
  • Fax: 01905 454383
  • Website:
  • Email:


We provide health and social care services (home from hospital support, medical equipment loan, transport escort, therapeutic care and skin camouflage). We provide first aid services and training and emergency support at times of crisis. We provide first aid training to schools and youth organisation and promote humanitarian values amongst young people. We provide volunteering opportunities for young people in any of its many services, including its youth service as peer educators. Works with vunerable young people in peer-led projects which aim to develop personal, social & Life skills.

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British Red Cross Society Herefordshire,Worcestershire, Shropshire News

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