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Eardisland Village Hall
The Bungalow, Herefordshire

Eardisley (Curzon Herrick) Village Hall
Church Road, Herefordshire

Eardisley Group Parish Council
Granville House, Herefordshire Tel: 01544 327539

East Radnorshire Day Centre
The Old School, Powys Tel: 01544 260267

Eastnor & Donnington Parish Council
11 Lime Tree Avenue, Worcestershire Tel: 01684 575932

Eastnor Cricket Club
Clenchers Mill Lane, Herefordshire

40 West Street, Herefordshire Tel: 01568 620307

Encourage activity
5 patterdale drive, Worcestershire Tel: 07867313415

EPIC CIC The Trunk
13-21 Humphrey Avenue, Worcestershire Tel: 01527878722

Ethnic Access Link Scheme
Old Glove Factory, Worcestershire Tel: 01905 25121

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